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Name:Stove Stories
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A pan-fandom community for fan works featuring kitchen or cooking scenes
You know those stories. It seems that all fandoms have them. Somebody makes breakfast, or cooks dinner, or maybe some people have wandered into the kitchen at one in the morning or are making s'mores around the fire. Whatever the particular circumstances are, these are some of the oldest and deepest social rituals: food.

This community is for fannish works featuring the preparation or consumption of food in a social context. Dig in.

Stove Stories on AO3.

Kitchen Rules

1. What kind of fan works apply?
All of them. Stories, drawings, videos - if you can fit a kitchen scene in there, it's good.

It goes without saying that we're inclusive of fandoms, too.

2. What kind of content applies?
    A. Stories should feature at least one scene centered on, or heavily featuring, at least one of the following:
        - Preparation of food by the characters. This can be all your characters cooking breakfast together, and it can be someone chopping onions and talking to someone else while at it.
        - Consumption, by characters, of food prepared by characters. Or, in other words, if they're sitting in the kitchen or the dining room and eating pancakes which someone just made, there is no need to show the making of the pancakes.
        - Preparation/consumption of drinks may substitute the preparation/consumption of food.
        - Scene occuring in a kitchen, by a cooking fire, etc. (e.g. someone getting up for a glass of water in the middle of the night and running into someone else.)
        - Holiday meals, where the dishes and drinks are more than an incidental feature.
        - By and large, eating out does not qualify. Picnics might.
    B. Non-story fan works should depict at least one scene as described in 2A.
    C. Eating out does not qualify, unless you manage to really turn it around. We're kind of about the kitchen and the stove, here.

3. How to post?
    A. You can either post your work directly to here, or you can link to it. Kindly do not make links look like cuts - it's confusing.
    B. If posting a story longer than a drabble, an image with at least one dimension larger than 400px or an embedded video, kindly put them behind a cut.
    C. The following information is mandatory:
        - The title of your post you have the works' title, the fandom and your name. Example: "Hamburgers vs. Pancakes, Supernatural, by Hagar." Common shorthands (e.g. SPN for Supernatural) may be used. Your name may or may not be your username, so long as it is a name you commonly use in your fandom.
        - The body of the post should have at least the following information:
Warnings are mandatory where they apply. Additional information such as featured characters, relationships, length (for stories) is nice but not mandatory.
    D. The entry should be tagged with at least the following tags: "author: your name here", "fandom: full fandom name here" (no shorthands). Additional information ("char: character name here", "ship: pairing/here", "type: fic/image/vid") is very much appreciated but not mandatory.

New fandoms added in tags will be added to the interests by the mods.

4. Please be reasonably polite when commenting to each other. Violaters will be warned first and banned later.

5. What if I don't have a DW account?
    A. We also have a Collection set up on AO3. Feel free to add your works.
    B. DW allows posting by OpenID accounts, so if you have an account at LJ or one of it's clones, you're good. See DW's FAQ for more details.

6. For any questions, feel free to contact the mods.

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